Wednesday, November 09, 2005

I Went To King Edward And All I Got Was A Showbag.

Had my first appointment at King Edward Memorial (why is a hospital dedicated to women named after King Eddy?) and came home, eventually, with a schedule for future appointments, and a showbag!

The lovely pastel pink showbag includes:

  • 2 glossy baby magazines
  • 2 government information booklets
  • 14 catalogues and advertising pamphlets
  • 5 product samples
  • 1 pregnancy information booklet (rec. retail $3.95
  • 1 Baby On Board sign for your car

You get all this before your midwife unloads a further 8 health and parenting care pamphlets, a pregnancy journal, and a medical file just for the pregnancy.

There may have been more. After two hours of information overload and an armful of future appointments that must be organised, on top of the appointments (and more pamphlets) for the health study I volunteered for in a fit of public-spiritedness, I'm a little strung out, and wondering where the hell all this stuff is going to be put.

Oh, and Bubzilla's fine. Has a raging heartrate of 144 bpm. Go, Bubzilla!

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