Saturday, November 19, 2005

So, Michelle Leslie's Free

What can we learn from Michelle Leslie's experience, as compared to, say, Schapelle Corby's or Van Nguyen's?

When caught with prohibited substances upon one's person, it's better to be an admitted occasional user than an addict, and that either are way better than being seen as a drug trafficker.

It's better to be caught at a party than at an airport, particularly if your initial defence rests on convincing the judge that those weren't your drugs in the first place and you don't know how they got there.

If you must get caught, have a very small amount of the drugs upon you, and make sure you're arrested alongside the sons of prominent politicians.

After your wrongful arrest, appear contrite or at least embarassed, demonstrate that you are really a decent and religiously-minded young person who's made a dreadfully silly mistake, and don't cause a scene.

Hire a professional and experienced legal team, and make sure your support personel don't raise a ruckus. No foreign government or justice department likes having their authority questioned, and they will not be swayed by emotional blackmail and public demonstrations overseas, no matter how many signatures you collect.

Oh, and it probably helps to be photogenic, with a glamourous career, haver some sort of close family tie to an Australian sporting identity, and know how to hang out at the sort of parties the children of prominent foreign politicians hang out at.


Anonymous said...

We were glad to see Michelle freed but believe Schappelle Corby should be too as she was set up by uncaring dimwits. I can't help but feel being a Muslim convert & close to an Indonesian Official's son at the scene of the arrest helped Michelle's cause though. We did posture for her release regardless & felt that she was no dealer i.e. she didn't have large amounts of cash on her person nor large amounts of the quantity on her. It isn't the users/addicts that are profiting from the drug market. They pay for it in more ways than one though. Why do you think she is on prescription medication & has ADD? I hope she straightens up...she's an attractive chick who could make a reasonable living out of modelling if serious but you have to make hay while the sun shines a bit in that industry & there are a lot of sleazes around it too. I don't know why when she had a paying job they would have suspected her of dealing in the first seemed like another prolonged hearing to me based on bullshit...another one that became a soap opera. I also think Nyugen is taking the death penalty wrap because high profiled people are nervous about what will get out surrounding his affairs. I believe they want to see him hang so they can cover their arses which is crap too.In particular your cops have a history of being corrupt & so do your politicians here it's why these kids are being busted overseas & people want to cover up over involvements especially if major dealers & associates can be implicated. Regards the Son of God. PS - lucky the kid with you was a politician's son & not a career minded/orientated cop/politician Michelle. Straighten up because you never know who is around you in your field...most guys with egos want to be around pretty women like yourself & use them if they can. Prison isn't the best of environments so...straighten up...

Bollocker said...

"Oh, and it probably helps to be photogenic, with a glamourous career,"

I think that this is a myth. I just don't get why so many people make this assumption in the face of so much evidence to the contrary. Leslie actually served more time than the other four guys arrested with her that night. (One of them possessed EIGHT ecstasy pills ~ and he got out in much less time. Go figure.)
Also, Corby was photogenic too. What good did it do her?

" haver some sort of close family tie to an Australian sporting identity,"

Huh? First I've heard of it. What sporting identity are you talking about?

Mind you, you'd be spot on if you were talking about the disgusting crimes many Australian sporting identities are able to get away with ~ but that's IN "civilized" Australia, not Indonesia!
Google Queensland+Canterbury+Bulldogs + NRL + "gang rape" and you'll see what I mean.

I feel extremely sorry for Van Nguyen, Schapelle Corby and the "Bali Nine" too, but what they were alleged to have done was much more serious than Leslie having 2 E's in her purse. You can't seriously compare those cases to hers.

I didn't care that much about Leslie one way or the other until the last couple of days. Since she got out, I've been astonished at the amount of hostility there is towards her ~ everybody is attacking her, accusing her, "warning" her, telling her to "shut up" left, right and centre. Even the Australian Government has gotten in on the act.

The hysteria in the media over her wanting to "sell her story to the highest bidder" wouldn't seem so odd if it wasn't such hypocrisy. The media pay huge amounts for "stories" from people, including convicted criminals, all the time! It's like all of a sudden, everyone's got amnesia.