Monday, November 07, 2005

Freeway Gridlocked - Again

There must be something about that strip of the Freeway between the Narrows and the South Perth off-ramp that just attracts accidents, idiots, and catastrophic failures of antiquated waterworks.

You wouldn't think a jack-knifed truck blocking south-bound Freeway just after the South Perth off-ramp would delay someone heading to the city via the Causeway, but no. Going the opposite way, and changing buses in Como, was actually the faster way into the city. Whee.

And what with all the works happening around the north end of the Narrows, and the sudden proliferation of roundabouts (and other traffic-"calming" structures) in South Perth, it's amazing people get anywhere at all in relative sanity.

Still not convinced there isn't some sort of jinx or trouble-magnet on that section of Freeway, though.

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The Daily Magnet said...

Sorry I'll try to stay away from that part of the freeway. Cheers, The Magnet.