Sunday, December 18, 2005

The Long Hot Weekend

This past weekend the Mad Hungarian has been frenziedly attempting to film an entire series in three days. It's a show highlighting the multiculturalism of Perth, so it's a mixed bag of cooking segments, interviews, and folk dancing.

Mainly, though, these past three days, it's been folk dancing.

Lots and lots of folk dancing.

Scores of people in colourful traditional folk costume doing colourful traditional folk dancing.

Did I mention we have no air-conditioning, and oh, a total of two wndows that actually open?

Ever notice how most tradtional folk costumes are several layers thick?

Except for the belly dancers. It seemed like every third dance act was some sort of belly dancing troupe. And even they were looking a little wilted.

Professionals all, everyone put up with the discomfort and the stress and grimly trooped on. There was only one incident of things being thrown so all in all, a surprisingly rancor-free hell of a weekend.

The only reason I was there was to emergency-edit a Xmas magic special that has to be delivered tomorrow and which, frankly, after two days of working in a small windowless room with no air-conditioning or through air-flow, was two days too many.

Think I'll go live in the shower now.

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