Friday, December 09, 2005

Gray Fridays

Okay, that's TWO Fridays in a row now that my bus has been involved in an accident. I'm thinking I shouldn't use public transport on the last day of the working week because they seem to be getting increasingly hazardous.

Last week, someone decided to veer into the buslane directly in front of the bus and lost their side mirror as a result. This time, someone decided to step out right in front of my bus, forcing the driver to slam on the brakes. Since he had just begun pulling into the next stop, a good number of us had already gotten to our feet, and were subsequently sent flying. I got swung around into the driver's cage, but the old lady behind me went sprawling past and slammed her head and shoulder against the front board.

More contact details were exchanged, an ambulance was called for, and I and another girl kept the old lady company until her daughter showed up. Then I had to head off to work and the other girl had an appointment to keep, and the bus driver was patiently explaining to some old dear that yes, he would be travelling at least one more stop but that wouldn't be for some time as he had to wait for the ambulance and she might be better off catching another bus into town but no, she said, she would just keep her seat and wait, thank you.

I have no idea how the old lady fared. She was probably concussed and very bruised, and definitely feeling a little embarassed at all the fuss she'd caused. I'm sure she's alright. Even though she was visibly in pain and distress she was able to joke about being on HBF and so not having anything to worry about.

Now, question is, with these Friday bus incidents getting hairier each week, what the hell do I do about transport next Friday? Hmm...

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