Thursday, December 22, 2005

3 Gets In The Xmas Spirit- Or When Sending Matters More Than Receiving

When the office girl told me my husband was on the phone, I glanced at my mobile to see if I'd somehow missed his call. Apparently not.

So I waddled downstairs, picked up the office phone and said "Hi, Sweetie."

"Your phone's dead," Sweetie replied.

"No, it isn't," I said.

Insert Argument Sketch as we eventually established that he'd left three messages in my voice mail without ever getting through to me, and I explained that my phone was neither dead nor silenced and had registered no missed calls whatsoever. Odd.

Back to work and more impossible pre-Xmas deadline rush.

Later, I call Skribe from Woolie's and find myself getting his voice mail instead. True, the signal is often lousy inside Woolie's, but even when I get a clear signal crossing Heirrison Island, I'm still getting his voice mail. Clearly, his phone or mine is not on the network, and it certainly isn't mine.

When he opens the door, I greet him with "Your phone's not on the network."

"Yes, it is," he replies. "I've been able to call other people, just not you. Your phone's not on the network."

We check each other's phones. We're both on the network. He switches my phone off and back on. My phone suddenly notices I have missed calls and an SMS waiting. He uses my phone to call his and gets his voice mail.

He decides to call 3 to find out what the feck is going on.

Seems 3 had been having a little problem all day with their network - nationwide: you can send, but you can't receive.

3 promises the problem is being fixed.

"What's the ETA on that?" my husband enquires.

"As soon as."

Ah, Xmas. Even 3 has got into the spirit of sharing.


teddlesruss said...

Not just 3, my dears. Telscum (whomever THAT faked-up name might be referring to) has been doing wunnerful things to my prepeight service...

For about three months now (!) I've been getting in strife for not answering my phone, not replying to SMSs, and so forth. Not to worry, check my calls log on the phone and according to my mobile phone those calls were never made, so they just haven't been getting to me.

For the last two months the behaviour's been even more bizarre - I get an SMS to tell me that I've just missed a call from xxxx-xxx-xxx and check the call register - lo and behold no such call ever got to my phone. But checking with the originator of the call they tell me they just let the call ring out and I never answered...

Hey and said provider charges a damn premium for prepaid service, around 80-something cents per minute. You'd think they could show a bit more professionalism...

So maybe 3 will find it's not actually their problem?

Anonymous said...

Happy holidays you two!!!
Keet from canada