Friday, December 30, 2005

Life In The Holiday Twilight Zone

The days between Xmas and New Year's is an odd period, not quite a holiday, yet not quite a normal working week. There's a sense that nothing is worth pursuing, certainly not worth starting up again right after the Xmas break, with the year's end in sight.

And so we continue in a state of suspended activity, coutning down the days, and now the hours, until the new year begins, and with it the promise of a return to normalcy.

In short, I've been bored to tears. Literally. But that could be the mood swings.

After the end-of-year-deadline frenzy in the workplace, the sudden cessation of stress was something I simply was not prepared to cope with. It's taken this long just to figure out how to relax again, and appreciate having nothing much to do, and enjoy how well the pregnancy is going, and just sit in the sunshine watching the wattlebirds and the cockatoos.

I've begun drawing again. Don't know when I last picked up a pencil, but it was long enough that I didn't know where anything was. It's like some codicl to the law of kipple: anything you haven't used in a while but suddenly find a need for will have vanished utterly and completely from wherever it's usually kept. In fact, the more you need it, the less likely you'll find it. Feeling unwanted and unloved, my pencils and felt pens and sketchpads have quietly retired from this world and emigrated to another, damn them.

Ah, well, there's still another week to search for them before the office re-opens on the 9th. Maybe by then I'll feel like I've had a proper break from work.

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