Saturday, December 17, 2005

Is It Just Me..?

... or are there way too many traffic accidents these days?

Friday went by without incident, but this morning, while waiting for the bus (yeah, I'm working all weekend, bah) I watched a ute take out a traffic light.

Heading west, the driver apparently hadn't noticed the red lights at the junction of Canning Highway and Berwick until it was too late, failed to come to a screeching halt, and so, to avoid ramming the car in front, swerved hard into the middle lane, over-corrected twice, and slammed into the traffic light on the island instead.

Fortunately, no oncoming vehicles were hit by the falling lights. Various public-spirited people ran on to check on the driver and clear the road, and within a couple of minutes traffic was flowing as per normal.

My bus arrived then so I don't know how the driver fared, but I rather suspect he and his ute weren't half as damaged as the traffic light was.

That's 3 accidents in as many weeks I've witnessed. At least this one didn't involve the bus I was on, but I'm beginning to get a little paranoid.

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