Friday, August 27, 2004


I saw this sign on a badge pinned to a backpack today.

The backpack was being carried by a SE Asian girl.  My guess is she was either Indonesian or Malaysian.

Now, if you ignore the historical significance of the symbol - ignore all the millions that were killed by the morons that wore that symbol - then I have to say it is a pretty hoopy design.  The eagle is a symbol of power and even the swastika (correct name is in fact fylfot) is an ancient representation of the sun - conceived long before the nazis usurped it for their own nefarious deed.  All very powerful and I can see why a tiny asian chick would feel drawn to that.  if you ignore the history.  But you can't.  And any little asian chick would be out of her mind to wander around with that thing displayed openly.  But I saw one today.


Burnt Karma said...

It's a very powerful image, and whenever I see it I feel kind of sick. Like the time I stayed at a country B&B, charming hosts, tea and scones... lace swastika's embroidered into the hemline all around the tablecloth!

skribe said...

Where was the B&B?

Anonymous said...

Some things worth considering.
In most Asian countries the swastika is still used today as a symbol of luck. Talk to any Indian and they will tell you that most buildings in India (old and new) have the swastika incorporated into the structure.
There are probably more people in the world who use the swastika everyday for its pre WW2 meaning than there are who know about the Nazi use of it.
British fighter planes of WW1 often had a swastika on the tail, for luck!
I blame the media and Hollywood for the misrepresentation of the swastika, the whole of Germany resided under the swastika, were they all sick, inhumane murderers? even the women and children? I think not.
The symbol that should be feared in it's place is the 'SS' rune. The operatives of the death camps and implementers of the 'final solution'.

Beatrix said...

She probably didn't have a clue what it meant. I know an Asian girl who doesnt have a clue who Hitler was. Pretty crazy huh

Anonymous said...

i see no reason to get upset about this. Yes it was used by fanatical nazis. Hindus TO THIS DAY use the swastika as their symbol. (which means good luck all over the world... native americans, greeks... i could go on)

i fly the confederate flag. does that make me a racist redneck? hell no! you people that get offended by this need to get a life and a job so you dont have time to nit-pick like this.