Sunday, August 29, 2004

Adding Cents

I've accepted Google's kind invite and subscribed to their Ad Sense program. You can see the results at the top of the page. Or you should be able to.  Ad Sense works by supplying ads that are relevant to the web page the ad is on.  All fine and dandy but sometimes their bots can't find a relevant ad and the spot remains blank.

Apparently the Google bots regularly scan the pages (they do this anyway if you're in the Google search engine) and using some extremely complicated and heavily patented algorithm determine what your page is about.  The they provide a relevant ad (or six) based upon that determination.  As I type this I have four ads: Changi Hotel Singapore, Cheap textbooks, and Mavin Auctions.  Reloading gives me the same four ads.

Now I can work out where the Changi Hotel ad has come from - the recent article on What Happens If You Stay In Singapore. And I expect the DVD site is because we discuss movies here - us being film-makers and all.  The other two must come from a general grab bag.

This leaves me to wonder just how much I can manipulate the ads this page generates.  For instance, could I ad the words: porn, sex, orgy to random posts and receive ads from Playboy, Penthouse, Hustler or some of the harder core merchants involved in the sex industry?  It could be fun to find out =).

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