Thursday, August 26, 2004

The Audition Update

Well, we finally shot The Audition on Sunday and I have to say that not only does it look a treat it was heaps of fun to shoot.  Trying not to laugh for twenty minutes is bloody hard.  Particularly when you can't even smile just in case it distracts the actors.  My tongue is raw from all the times where I had to bite it to stop from laughing.  A couple of grins did manage to escape but I managed to hide them behind my hand.  Mostly.

Thanks to Kingsley Judd, who we worked with on The Escape; Valerie Dragojevic, who we worked with on Frisky; Farren Wood & Stephanie Wilson; Robbie Vecchio; and Mahesh Jadunundun, our composer for Frisky and star of The Call.

We should have some pics available here soon.

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