Thursday, August 12, 2004

Animal House

Not long ago ToxicPurity and I used to wander down to the Perth Zoo every few months. It is just up the road from where we live after all. I used to take my camera and I probably have the world's best supply of Otter photos.  At least the ones at the zoo.

It has been fifteen months or so since we were last there.  We've been busy and not much changes at the zoo.  Or at least there haven't been many changes since we've been visiting regularly - say the last ten years. So we didn't think we were missing much.  How wrong can you be?

Now I'm not talking about the exhibits because frankly when TP and I visited today we didn't get that far.  We were stopped dead by the entry prices. 

Back fifteen months or so it cost about ten dollars for an adult.  I think it was six dollars concession.  Well today it costs $16 for an adult and $13 for concession. Talk about rip-off.  Sure it's only half the price of Adventure World, but at least there all the rides are free once you're through the gate. And sure it's only the cost of a first run movie these days but at least the movie is new.  As I said before, the zoo has changed little over the last ten years.  So why the sudden increase in prices?  The simple answer is because they can.  Tourists won't think twice about paying those prices - heck in comparion it's cheap.  But for those of us that are regular visitors it's a serious kick in the teeth.  I guess we'll just have to restrict our visits to every decade or so - maybe then we'll see some change between visits.

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