Wednesday, January 17, 2007


For the last ten or so days we've both been flat-out working on a documentary that is due to go to air on February 4th. I say that with my tongue firmly held in my cheek because the producer keeps changing his mind and expects us to somehow slot in the extra footage that suddenly must be included at all costs. This has meant that the original source material for the 1 hour documentary has grown from and original 18 hours - which is stupendously huge to begin with (we produced the entire Byte Me series with far less) - to a massive 26+ hours. Most of which is crap. And that is putting it exceedingly nicely.

I need to mention that this has mostly been shot on HDV (high definition video) so it looks nice - well it would if they knew the basics of lighting - but it also means that it takes up a massive amount of space (both in storage and RAM). I say mostly shot on HDV because the key bit, the bit that HAD to be in the doco and was so important that they had three cameras covering every facet from go to whoa, only had one camera set to the correct format. The other two were set to PAL DV1 which is about one quarter the resolution of HDV.

Now we could have converted the HDV to DV1 and solved that problem, but of course the producer wanted the show in high-def (it's so very SEXY after all). That and we'd already edited about one quarter of the programme before the offending material was delivered to us and the producer didn't want to pay for the fuckup (ie have us start from scratch).

So that's where we are. How has your fortnight been?

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