Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Close Relations

On our way from Freo to Lesmurdie yesterday we decided to take a journey down memory lane and visit the house where I spent the first nine months of life. It took us a while to find it - I'd only been there once before as an adult and that was twenty years ago.

As I was driving through the back-streets of Beaconsfield it occurred to me that during my childhood both my mother's and father's families all lived within easy walking distance of one another. That's a combined total of eight siblings, two sets of grandparents plus Mum and Dad. All living within a five kilometre diameter. That just seems so weird today. My generation tended to move as far from their relatives as they could while still living in the Perth metro area. TP and her cousins took it a step further and moved to different continents.

We've already begun preparing JOOB for life on Mars.

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