Saturday, April 16, 2005

Scooby Doo, Where Are You?

Saturday mornings I don't watch TV anymore, I just find something tolerable and leave it running in the background while I get on with the rest of my morning. Rage generally does the job, but after a certain hour it's all hip-hop, and there's nothing quite so lame-arsed or irritating as wannabe gangstas showing off their bling and shoving their pathetic porn fantasies in your face.

So I do a lot of channel hopping.

Unfortunately, last Saturday, certain stations decided that what everybody really wanted to watch was some dead religious leader's funeral, and regular programming got all jerked around.

Which had one unexpected upshot, because I discovered Scooby Doo was back.

This was new Scooby Doo. But it was just like old Scooby Doo - in other words, GOOD Scooby Doo. It was funny, it'd freshened up the characters and the premise without losing any of their old quirks. It had the whole gang and the Mystery Van and even inside jokes for the fans. It had clearly been written and produced by the generation that had, like me, grown up on the classic Scooby Doo cartoons and wanted to experience that old magic again.

So this morning, I make a point of actually watching something on TV instead of having it run ubiquitous music video pop trash in the background and what happens? There's no Scooby Doo. Checked the Free-To-Air guide. Nothing. Where's my Scooby Doo? It was there last Saturday! Had it just been filler because one dead pope screwed up regular programming schedules? Unfair. Most unfair.

Well, I've learned my lesson. This is what I get for having faith in TV. Next Saturday, it's back to Triple J. TV can go watch itself.

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misscipher said...

Well, Winne the Pooh was on this morning, if that’s any consolation. :)