Tuesday, October 26, 2004

TV Highlights

1. Jinkies! If it weren't for those meddlin' kids, the Simpsons would have got the record for most episodes ever produced for an animated series.

Too many easy jokes. Just too many. So I'll just say that, personally, there is one area in which the old Scooby Doo show beats hands down the Simpsons show any day: Velma. She always was, and always will be, my model for geek womanhood. And she has her own catchphrase :)

2. Speaking of which, in a a recent US poll, Homer Simpson is apparently the people's preferred choice for US President. In response to the poll, Homer has pledged that "...there will be fewer nuclear disasters with me as your mayor than with me as your nuclear safety inspector."

Now there's an episode they haven't done yet.

3. Of course, you probably already thought of it but couldn't do a thing about it. Sick of passively watching other people's TV shows? Well, imagine a TV show where you, the viewing public, get to text in what happens next.

The concept of personalised TV programmes is being touted as the next step in interactive entertainment.

Frankly, after editing TV programmes all day, I'm not sure I can stomach editing TV programmes all evening, in real time, for fun.

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