Sunday, September 12, 2004

Weekend Networking

I've just spent the last two days helping the new tech, Bob, fix the network situation at CTV. We now have the ability to transfer files between the upstairs and downstairs areas - something that was mysteriously disabled during one of the last tech's Windows reinstall binges.   It pretty much took two days to undo the good work the last tech did.  Bob has done a great job, even if he did insist on using windows (98 at that) as the server.  Hopefully it will improve productivity back up to where it was six months ago.  I can dream, can't I? =)


Anonymous said...

you guys need IT work done? teddlesruss@ that new thingamabob, just for munging purposes... I was an announcer at 6NEW-FM many years ago, am now in IT and can make myself available occasionally for doing stuff...

skribe said...

I would have said that at this stage we don't, but give it a month,six at the most and the answer will probably be yes. Myself not included there have been five techs in the last year. They don't last long and the simple reason for that is because most of them have been rank amateurs as far as IT goes. I include myself amongst this group. Those that do have some real IT skill quickly discover their talents in high demand and disappear soon after they have arrived.

It is only Bob that has really got his shit into gear and begun to create a secure, integrated system. He's only been there a few weeks and he's already done more than all the rest of us managed in a year.

Stage One of his design is due to be finished next weekend. There are four to six stages in all IIRC. I know one of those stages involves locking the computers completely down so that they can be only used for editing and other related pursuits. This is a much harder process than it should be under windows. Most of the software we have requires elevated privileges but Bob says he has a way to fix all that.

The only problem I have with his design is that it is solely windows based. If I had been given a free hand I would have had a *nix file/printer server and firewall.

If you're interested then you can always rock up and volunteer anyway even if it is not as an IT guy. We always need on-camera presenters and behind the camera people. And if Bob disappears then you'll be in pride of place =)

Thanks for your comment,