Thursday, September 16, 2004


I spent the day attending the Comm-IT WA Technology Showcase at PCEC as an exhibitor for PLUG.  Basically it is like the Royal Show but for IT corps instead of farmers and without the rides.  There were lots of goodies and I scored some stuff from Novell that, at first glance, looks pretty hoopy.  Hey with free stuff I'm easily impressed.

My job today was to stand at our booth - kindly purchased/hired/donated/acquired by the folks at Open Source WA - and talk to people about linux (and occasionally about PLUG).  Now, those that know me will know that I do this anyway so the job kinda came naturally.   If only I could work out how to get paid fat wads of cash in the process.

Things were kinda slow initially.  Then they got downright glacial.  Then I had lunch and when I returned I was run off my feet.  Go figure.

I met some interesting people and most of them said yes when I asked if I could interview them for Byte Me so the day was pretty rewarding, even if the morning was hideously tedious.  So rewarding I'm going to be spending some time there tomorrow.

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ToxicPurity said...

My skribe went to Comm-IT WA and all I got was a limey Singtel lolly.