Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Playgrounds Past and Present

Yesterday, as Skribe and I walked through the park next to the Beatty Park swimming leisure centre, we noticed that the playground there includes a miniature rock climbing wall. For all those four-year-old rock climbing enthusiasts obviously.

I didn't know whether to go "aww" or "ugh".

I turned to skribe. "Are you disappointed our kid's never going to experience the old-fashioned wooden playgrounds we grew up with?"

Skribe looks at me funny. "What, he's not going to experience splinters, friction burns, and knocked heads? Yeah, real disappointed."

"But," I protest. "Don't you miss the creaking of swings on those iron chains, and the clunk-clunk of see-saws, and, um, yeah, okay, wooden slides were really bad on the bum. Er. And those see-saws were freaking death-traps. Um."

As may be observed, I frequently lose arguments against myself, sometimes within a sentence.

Hooray for the modern plastic modular playground. They even come with rock climbing walls these days. Lucky Bub.

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