Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The Long Wait

Well, it's been the second week off work and the Mad Hungarian has only called once to find out what his last project was saved under. Which means he hasn't had anyone else work on it for over a week, even though it's unfinished but already scheduled for a public screening on the 7th April at FTI or something.

It's a documentary on the South Beach Village development by Landcorp and why, if you have a million bucks handy, you don't want to buy into it. It features Fremantle activist Bobby Wilson, environmentalists Dr Peter Dingle and Lee Bell, and a cameo by Dr Carmen Lawrence even, and it's called Power, Greed Vs Common $ense. Proceeds to the cause.

On the other hand, do I really care if a bunch of obnoxious overseas investors with more money than sense end up with lead poisoning and houses built on an eroding sand dune that's actually a rubbish dump? Nah.

Truth is, with a week to go, I have other things on my mind. For one thing, we haven't bought a cot or stroller yet. Just can't seem to find one that suits our needs. On the other hand, we're finally packed and mostly prepared. Still have to outfit the first aid kit with a baby in mind, though.

But at least the cat's taken care of. Or rather, he's taken care of himself.

We were going to arrange with a cat-loving neighbour to look after Mr Underfoot when I have to check into King Eddy's, whenever that happens. But as it turns out, the cat's already been hanging out at her place so much he has his own food bowl there. Damned bloody smart critter.

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