Sunday, August 13, 2006



You've probably seen this poster on public transport since June - it has taken me this long to get a photo of it. It's to advertise the implementation of the Seniors Smartrider. Is this Lois Maxwell aka Miss Moneypenny from all the good (and a couple of the bad) Bond films? Lois is living in Perth now. Anyone know?


azza-bazoo said...

Oh how awesome would it be if it were true?!! And I agree that the lady in the photo bears an uncanny resemblance.

But alas, I think this photo suggests otherwise. Assuming, of course, that my Googling is up to scratch (it's been a bit off lately ...)

skribe said...

That's not a photo of Lois Maxwell. It doesn't even look like her. I think it is one of the Bond Girls from the Moore era. This is Lois in 2003.

skribe said...

Your picture is Lois Chiles who played Dr Holly Goodhead in Moonraker.

Mister Trivia said...

Howdy Skribe,

Having met Lois at the WA Screen Awards 2004, she resembles that photo of her in 2003. Which is to say, no she is not the woman in the Transperth ads.

You're keeping us thinking.